About-Cooking4At Cooking4, all the cooking instruction is done by me, Ann Murray – often aided and abetted by my charming and very supportive husband, Chris. Having been, what a professional chef friend once called me, “a talented amateur chef”, I decided in 2003 to take my passion for cooking a step further. I did some training and started teaching small groups the kind of food I enjoy: fresh, simple and seasonal.

I firmly believe that everyone who joins me will be inspired to cook with greater confidence and imagination. In my highly personalised classes you will be able to experiment, learn about new flavours and enjoy the fun of cooking in a totally relaxed atmosphere. Everything we cook together can be easily recreated in your own kitchen. I deliberately do not use specialist equipment which might not be found in the average kitchen.

During the class you will be given not only the technical skills that you will need to produce fabulous dishes, but also lots of shortcuts and useful tips, as well as where to source the best produce.